Hi everybody, welcome to fashionablefrank.com. Today’s post is about Ben Sherman underwear, socks, nightwear and lounge pants. We like to lounge around in style at Fashionable Frank HQ. I’ve teamed up with bodybranded.com to show you give a little teaser of what you can expect to find on their website.

***Please note I received these products in exchange for a written review. My opinion of these products is not influenced by how I received them***


The body branded tag line is Your body, Your brands. Which is quite a catchy line I think! Body Branded cater for both Men and Women carrying a large selection of household names like Ben Sherman, Reebok, Pepe Jeans and the Savile Row Company. I enjoyed using the website. You to easily shop by gender or brand, whichever suits you.


I was asked to review some Ben Sherman underwear, socks and lounge pants. Everybody knows who Ben Sherman are so I was excited at the prospect of reviewing some of these products.


Boxers are essential pieces in every mans wardrobe. They do have the task of keeping the crown jewels safe and sound so it makes sense to choose good quality underwear? Yeah, I thought so too! The packaging is simple yet eye catching conveying quality products for the masculine. I love the colour scheme of these Ben Sherman boxers and they fit really well. There are no readjustments needed during the day (thankfully) and they don’t ride up into the more sensitive areas either guys. So they look great, fit really well and reasonably priced. Whats not to love? Check out the Body Branded Ben Sherman selection.

body branded

If you are not a fan of the minimalist underwear Body Branded have these deliciously distinctive Paisley Print boxers in purple. I love these in particular the big Ben Sherman branding on the band. The bigger the better! I like to wear eye catching underwear Once again guys always dress the crown jewels in quality underwear. You never know when they might be taken out for a polish?!


Equally as important is your choice of footwear. We spend a lot of time choosing the footwear but give little consideration to our choices of sock with basic black or white usually winning. Break this bad habit and choose some patterned socks like these Ben Sherman socks. Just think when the crown jewels are being polished you don’t want to be let down by your sock game, do you? AND please don’t wear navy boxers and black socks….just don’t! Need new socks? Have a look at the Body Branded Ben Sherman collection.

Body branded Ben Sherman Socks flatlay

Ben Sherman Socks and Grey Chelsea Boots

Ben Sherman Socks and Burgundy Chelsea Boots


Adidas Superstars and Ben Sherman Socks


Lounge Pants are great for….well…lounging around. These Ben Sherman Paisley Print lounge pants are perfect lazy Sundays or just being lazy in general. They are loose fitting, comfortable and look great on! A win – win! For more wins have a look the rest of the Body Branded Ben Sherman collection.

Ben Sherman Paisley Print Lounge Pants

Ben Sherman Paisley Print Lounge Pants

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