The Irish National Stud is located in Kildare and has a host of different activities for visitors. The entrance fees are reasonable in my opinion with the most expensive price being that of an adult for €12.50. This fee grants you access to everything the Stud has to offer including a free guided tour of the Irish National Stud. I have driven through Kildare often and I have always seen the signposts for the Japanese Gardens. These were the purpose of my visit and I was surprised to discover they are actually located within the Irish National Stud. I had a great day here and don’t worry parents theres plenty for your little ones to do as well.


Located at Tully a farm, what is now known as the Irish National Stud was purchased from the Fay Family in 1900 by Colonel William Hall Walker. Theres a statue honouring him on the grounds of the stud.  Hall Walker went on to become the most successful breeder of his age. 1915 saw the farm gifted to the Crown and it became known as the National Stud. In 1943, the newly formed Irish Government took over the land and buildings at an agreed valuation. In 1945 the Irish National Stud Company Ltd. was formed and it officially took over the running of the Stud on 31st August, 1946.


Irish Horse Racing legends Beef or Salmon, Kicking King, Hurricane Fly Hardy Eustace and Rite of Passage are all retired at the Irish National Stud. You can view these legendary horses living like kings when you visit the Stud and Gardens. A real treat for any horse racing fan readers. Perhaps these equine superstars won some money for you over the years?? Pop in to say thank you! Visitors can view these equine superstars when they visit the stud and gardens.


There is a lot of ducks and swans in the pond located here which is great if you have little ones with you. There is a playground on site as well so theres plenty for to your bundles of joy entertained (occupied).


The Japanese Gardens are located on the grounds of the Irish National Stud and are renowned throughout the world for their beauty. They are the finest of their kind in Europe. The setting is tranquil and I felt at peace during my visit here. Normally I don’t buy into such stuff BUT I have admit the setting is serene. Such feelings were the objective of William Hall Walker who devised the idea of bringing Japanese Gardens to Ireland. The Gardens were laid out by master horticulturist Tassa Eida and his son Minoru both of whom were from, JAPAN! Their aim was to symbolise the ‘Life of Man’ through trees, plants, flowers, lawns, rocks and water. You have to complete this journey by yourself though. The Gardens are a sight to behold. With 120,000 visitors per year admiring the peaceful gardens they are certainly worth the entrance fee.

Japanese House

Relaxing on the steps on my new home!


Japanese Gardens

This is a wonderful place to walk around

Red Japanese Bridge To Heaven

Red Japanse Bridge To Heaven

Rock Path in Japanese Garden

A rocky path?!

Japanese Garden waterfall

Let your problems flow away


St. Fiachra’s Garden was designed in 1999 by award-winning landscape architect Professor Martin Hallinan. The garden commemorates St. Fiachra, the patron saint of gardeners. They provide a great contrast to the Japanese Gardens. A different but equally satisfying experience awaits visitors. The premise behind St. Fiachra’s is to capture Ireland Monastic Movement in the 6th and 7th centuries. This is a stunning garden to walk around with a mixture of rocks and water set in the natural beauty of woodlands. There is a Monastic cell to venture into as well with a nice surprise inside. I shall not reveal the beautiful surprise you have to view it for yourself.

A Monk Relaxing in St Fiachras Garden

A Monk relaxing in the breathtaking surroundings

2 swans relaxing in a lake

I love swans!


I had to utilise the breathtaking surroundings and take a few snaps of myself. What can I say?! I’m as Vain AF! My Outfit is head to toe River Island Man. My Man Bag is from Ted Baker.

Fashionable Frank relaxing

Look at that smile!

beautiful rocky steps in the garden

The photographed becomes the photographer!

Taking photos

A master at work!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and it has inspired you to visit the Japanese Gardens?! If not then visit the Irish National Stud website.

I’ve been Fashionable Frank and you have been Fantastic!


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